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About Our App

EXA is a B-to-B mobile application designed as a support system for gym instructor and management. EXA is not to be used as a replacement of the gym instructor.

The application simplifies the process of fitness evaluation and exercise prescription for each gym user.

EXA has a registration process in which the users have to share general information, Health history, family health history, lifestyle habits. Each user also has to give his /her consent to participate in the training program.

Once registered the users information is verified by the franchisee admin before activating his/her account. The user can use the login and password selected by them to use their account.

The application displays set programs and premium programs. Set programs are available to all gym users whereas premium program is add on paid service. Initially the user has to seek help from the instructor to choose an exercise program from the set programs. Premium users will get a customized program from a fitness expert deployed at the gym.

About Us

EXA is a brain child of Ajay Sapate commonly known as ‘ASAP’ in the fitness fraternity. He has a science back ground and later on got certified as a fitness trainer and a specialist in performance nutrition from ISSA, USA. ASAP has overall training experience of more than fifteen years and has assisted many individuals to realize, achieve and sustain their fitness goals.

He also founded ‘Absolute Fitness Management’ in 2003 to provide turnkey solutions for gym set-up, management and maintenance.

EXA is a result of years of experience and continuous effort to enhance the whole training experience in the gym.

Our Services

  • Consultancy services to set-up manage and maintain a fitness facility.
  • Application based system to manage floor operations in the fitness facility. The application provides the following services:
    1. General training programs.
    2. Customized training programs.
    3. Sports conditioning programs.
    4. Recuperation exercise programs.

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For support and inquiry : support@exaonline.in